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PowerZip 7.2 Build 4003


After recently installing PowerZip 7.2 Build 4003 (From on Windows XP with Service Pack 2, if my issue is not restricted to myself I feel a warning is needed for other users who may encounter similar issues.

Some time after installing this software as a quick way to extract files from a .TAR file, I noticed Windows desktop had vanished. While not being able to view or move files on the normal desktop, I used My Computer instead.

The next day. I restarted my system, to notice that file manipulation (Right Click, Move, or Copy) caused Windows to freeze. Firefox Browser still functioned, but Windows related systems crashed, including the taskbar and system tray.

After try several things, and restarting multiple times because of the crash issues. I discovered a note found through Google Search which indicated somebody had a similar problem after installing PowerZip. I was able to uninstall the software, and instantly the problems subsided.

My windows XP Installation CD is scratched, thus very difficult to get the installation process to work, and I thought I may have needed to reinstall. I could have lost my entire operating system installation over this issue. I am hoping others who find this issue, will be able to find this article, and realize the fix to the issue.

Keywords: PowerZip 7.2 Build 4003, Windows XP Service Pack 2, Crash, Freeze

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