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There has been some confusion on the Xegment Delta name. So I would like to clear up any confusion about the different tools, and systems that make up the Xegment Delta Engine.

When I first started designing a system wide engine for my website - I thought a name would be nice. I came up with the name Xegment Delta. And this name also fits the general design. The Xegment Delta Engine is made up of several segments that are all networked through a primary command file. Which I call the PCI (Primary Command Interface). Delta, a letter in the Greek alphabet. The symbol for Delta is a triangle. The Xegment Delta Engine is based off segments that work in varying orders, a type of hierarchy system, relational to a triangle. And, I personally like the letter X pronounced as Z.

Since I developed a name and basis for the engine. I also began working on different partitions of the engine. Such as the flatfile databasing structure, and security system. I eventually, released separately, the Xegment Delta Databasing (XDD) system. This isn't the entire engine, but only the flatfile databasing structure for the engine. Basically, the Xegment Delta name has evolved into a name for many scripts and codes I have developed, such as XeDit (Xegment Delta Edit), a PHP text file editing tool.

I am hoping this clears up any confusion between the Xegment Delta Engine (XDE) as a whole, and Xegment Delta Databasing (XDD).

So far, Xegment Delta Security System isn't available seperataly from the engine, especially since the engine hasn't been fully released in a plugin form.

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