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Relativity Of Pi


Mathematicians and scientists for centuries have attempted to calculate the ending of the equation Pi without success. They have calculated thousands of fractions without foreseeing an end. It appears to be infinite and beyond calculation.

I believe this is wrong.

Yes, I know the claims I am making are huge, and highly speculative. In which, probably dispute the mass majority of credible scientists. But, I believe I have found the path to the solution of Pi.

Current calculations of Pi are based on a virtual circle, infinite in size, because the size it not defined, nor seen as needed. However, I believe the size is crucial to ending the equation. Without size in the equation, we are unable to account for the smallest known building block of matter that makes up the circumference of the circle in question (Relative). If you are able to define the exact size of the circles circumstance by calculating the exact number of "blocks" present, you should be able to find the last reducing fraction needed to calculate Pi for that object, either odd or even.

While explaining this theory to my dad. He attempted to disprove this it using a very appropriate analogy that actually explains this theory giving better understanding.

If you have a video camera connected to a viewing device. And point this camera at the viewing device. You will now see a seemingly infinite line of camera's viewing view screens. This, on paper, alike Pi, is infinite and never ending.

However, just like the smallest building blocks of matter as we know it, this screen has a smallest block. The pixels that make up the viewing area. When the pixels are no longer small enough to make up any portion of the next image of the infinite cycle, you have reached the end. Thus, the relative answer is reached. Of course the answer is variable depending on the resolution of the screen, size of the image, distance from the image. But all of those are not needed in the calculation of Pi.

Of course there are variables here that need more distinct calculations. But I believe this theory proposes path to an answer that has eluded many for centuries.

This also can be applied to other seemingly infinite equations that I believe may have answers in relative terms in our physical universe.

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From: cogs

interesting... myself, i believe time travel is not possible, only that something can move fast enough to temporarily be seen in two places at once.

but regarding pi, we can't see atoms, so your relative theory seems like it explains what part of pi's division we're able to practically use .

4.08 PM 02.01.2010

From: Dex

Using Newtonian physics we could decipher the existence and properties of each atom to attain the answer, but contradictory to quantum physics dictating we can't find the answer because of relativistic time/space coordinates.

5.21 PM 02.01.2010



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